Working at Home for a Call Center

If surveys aren't your thing and you are more interested in not just supplementing your income, but full time employment you may want to consider working for a call center. Companies will hire telemarketers, customer service representatives, assistants, and transcriptionists. These sorts of jobs are great if you need flexibility in your job. Unfortunately with a lot of these jobs there is a waiting list, but that should not discourage you from throwing your name in the hat.

Coupon Clever

In learning to control my spending and exploring ways to cut my costs, I found myself really looking at not only the ads but the coupons inside them. Now I had paid attention to clothing and electronics ads but never grocery stores. I started going to the stores that had the things I needed on sale. I used the coupons from their ads and started to see a real difference, but I needed to do even more. I opened up the fridge and cupboards and began writing everything down. I wrote the products, the brands, and the maker and then made a list of what I was willing to substitute with a generic. I would compare the coupons that came in the ads with my list and then started searching online.

Grocery Shopping! Tips to Help save Money

I have always been the kind of person who has gone to the store needing milk, bread, and eggs but somehow managed to spend $150-$200. Lately the purse strings have been forced to tighten and I have been forced to not only control my spending, but to come up with ways to save more. Over the months I have cut my grocery shopping significantly just by doing a couple of extra things.


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